Three Pillars of Treatment: Strength

At Maverick Manual Therapy & Performance, it is our belief that every individual has the opportunity to move better, feel better, and function better. Our approach involves a thorough evaluation and treatment of three main areas:

  1. Your mobility
  2. Your stability
  3. Your strength

We call these the “Three Pillars of Treatment.”

Focus on Strength

Strength deals with your muscles and their ability to perform. Strength is closely related to stability—your body’s ability to control movement. At Maverick Manual Therapy & Performance, we are looking at how your body moves, and specifically how your muscles are contracting to control movement.

Defining Muscle Health

We define muscles in two ways.

Benefits of Increased Strength

In terms of Manual Therapy, increasing strength isn’t about building muscle mass. It’s about strengthening the relationship between nerves and muscles to control stability, balance, and ultimately restore mobility.

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