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At Maverick Manual Therapy, we are committed to resolving your pain and restoring your quality of life.

Maybe you have been to multiple health practitioners without relief. Maybe you think surgery is your only option. Or maybe you are preparing for a competition and want to make sure that your body is ready to perform at its best. At Maverick Manual Therapy & Performance, we provide treatment options that many never knew were possible.

Conveniently located in Alamo Heights, Maverick Manual Therapy specializes in chronic pain associated with age and injury. Patient-focused, we individualize treatment to your pain tolerance and comfort level focusing on correcting the cause of the symptoms, rather than the symptoms themselves.

The Benefits of Manual Therapy

Maverick Manual Therapy & Performance patients are often surprised at how quickly we can alleviate their pain! Our Whole-Body focus on treatment and commitment to one-on-one attention is what sets us apart.

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual Therapy is not a skill or technique.  It is not a series of adjustments.  At Maverick Manual Therapy & Performance, we treat manual therapy as an art, and our deep knowledge of the human body is what sets Maverick Manual Therapy & Performance apart.  Through years of experience and extensive continuing education courses, our approach involves a thorough evaluation of the mobility, control, and strength of your body. Through expert manipulation of the fascial, muscular, and joint systems of the body, we are able to quickly control pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and induce relaxation to improve an array of physical and neurological pain conditions.

Break Free from Pain Management, Conquer It: Experience the Power of Manual Therapy.

Don't settle for "managing" pain – solve it. Imagine waking up pain-free, moving without limitations, and exceeding your expectations. Forget temporary relief; we offer lasting solutions through innovative manual therapy. By addressing the root cause, not just the symptoms, we empower you to break free and reclaim your life.

Our skilled practitioners utilize cutting-edge techniques designed to target the hidden sources of your pain, going beyond massage to restore balance and function to your body naturally. No two pain stories are the same, so neither are our solutions. We tailor every treatment plan to your unique needs and goals, even if you've tried countless remedies or are considering surgery. Discover a path to lasting freedom, crafted just for you.

Ready to reclaim your life, free from pain?

Schedule your consultation today and embark on a journey to rediscover the joy of movement, free from limitations. Our patient-centered approach ensures you're at the heart of every decision, empowered to conquer pain for good.

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Meet Dr. Clayton Labus

Originally from the small farming community of Hobson, Texas, Dr. Labus completed his education at Texas A&M University where he graduated Cum Laude with his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Exercise Physiology.  He later completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center in 2018. Since obtaining his doctorate, Clayton has also received his certification in orthopedic manual therapy and is a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, a distinction held by less than 10% of Physical Therapist’s in the country.

Professionally, Clayton seeks out intense continuing education courses across the country,  perfecting the advanced manual therapy and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation skills that set him apart. He believes that everybody has the capacity to move, feel and function better, and his mission is to help as many people as possible do just that.

True to his upbringing, Dr. Labus loves spending time outdoors and being as active as possible.   Clayton is also an avid Texas A&M football fan and enjoys spending time with his wife, his family, and his friends.

Why “Maverick”? Samuel Augustus Maverick was a storied Texas lawyer, politician, land baron, and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. His name is the source of the term “maverick,” which means independently minded. Maverick Manual Therapy & Performance is independent minded-because we are efficient, affordable, and personable, and we focus on the source of your pain to speed up your recovery.

May Be Your Best Option

Most medical groups have a Primary Care Physician that patients see annually or when there is a health problem. That doctor assesses and refers you to a specialist within the group, who will assess and possibly refer you to another specialist, etc. For instance, let’s say you develop pain in your knee. Your Primary Care Physician may take x-rays, test your mobility, assess your level of pain, and then refer you to an Orthopedist. Your Orthopedist may run more tests, administer injections, suggest surgery, and refer you to a Physical Therapist. Your Physical Therapist may recommend exercises and stretches to refer you to a Pain Specialist. You are now four doctor appointments in, across several months, and hit with an assortment of expensive medical bills. You’ve probably experienced long lines in waiting rooms to get 15 minutes or less with an actual doctor. It’s an extremely inefficient system.

Out of network means Clayton can work harder to find the root cause, and the therapy to fix it.

  • He spends more time with each patient, which often leads to less overall appointments needed.
  • There is no waiting room line. You arrive at your scheduled time and see Clayton immediately.
  • One-off visits and bundled appointment options are available.
  • Relief for chronic joint and muscle pain.
  • Relief for daily aches and pains!

Maverick Manual Therapy saves our patients significant time and money over other treatment options

Common Pain Points

Make the move toward a life without pain!