Three Pillars of Treatment: Stability

At Maverick Manual Therapy & Performance, it is our belief that every individual has the opportunity to move better, feel better, and function better. Our approach involves a thorough evaluation and treatment of three main areas:

  1. Your mobility
  2. Your stability
  3. Your strength

We call these the “Three Pillars of Treatment.”

Focus on Stability

Stability is very different from mobility. Mobility refers to the how your body moves and functions. Stability relates to controlling that movement. It’s the coordination of surrounding tissue and the neuromuscular system to maintain the position of a joint. Without stability, balance is lost. Without balance, efficiency is lost.

What’s So Important About Efficiency?

Here’s an example in simple terms comparing forward and sideways motion:

A jogger with stable joints and good technique is moving forward efficiently. If the jogger has unstable joints, their biomechanics might be causing the ankle to roll outwards. This exertion in both forward and sideways motions is requiring more effort and energy. It’s not efficient. Worse, it’s damaging and could lead to serious injury.


Biomechanics is the science of understanding why the human body moves the way it does. In the context of Manual Therapy, it’s also the study of when things aren’t moving optimally or correctly. Proper use of body mechanics will conserve energy, reduce stress on body structures, and reduce the possibility of injury.

At Maverick Manual Therapy and Performance, we discuss your health history to find the underlying cause of your mobility issues.

Benefits of Increased Stability

At Maverick Manual Therapy & Performance, we assess your stability by examining your biomechanics to find the root cause of instability. We help bring balance back to your body and restore your ability to return to daily activities, training, performance, injury treatment, and prevention.

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