Three Pillars of Treatment: Mobility

At Maverick Manual Therapy & Performance, it is our belief that every individual has the opportunity to move better, feel better, and function better. Our approach involves a thorough evaluation and treatment of three main areas:

  1. Your mobility
  2. Your stability
  3. Your strength

We call these the “Three Pillars of Treatment.”

Focus on Mobility

Mobility is considered the central component of physical fitness because it allows your body to move correctly. Poor mobility means you do not have full range of motion in a joint. This can lead to your body overcompensating elsewhere which produces an uneven distribution of pressure. This, can lead to even more complications:

Range of Motion

Range of motion is the extent or limit to which a part of the body can be moved around a joint. The four types of joint movements are:

At Maverick Manual Therapy and Performance, we assess your mobility through range of motion testing.

Reduced Range of Motion

There are three types of reduced range of motion, Mechanical, Neurological, Infection.

At Maverick Manual Therapy and Performance, we discuss your health history to find the underlying cause of your mobility issues.

Benefits of Increased Mobility

Manual Therapy techniques work to bring the soft tissues around joints back into proper alignment. By increasing range of motion and normalizing mobility, you experience less pain and are less likely to sustain future injuries. Whether you are recovering from surgery or an injury, have a sports-related injury, or simply want to perform daily activities pain-free—Maverick Manual Therapy and Performance is here to help your mobility journey.

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