In-Network vs. Out-of-Network

What is In-Network?

What is Out-of-Network?

At Maverick Manual Therapy & Performance, we insist on being a strictly “Out of Network” provider. We believe that ouryears of specialty training override the ever-changing restrictions and mandates of most healthcare plans. YOU are ouronly concern. We make sure you receive highly individualized treatment and therapy without hindrance and delays frominsurance and healthcare policies.

In-Network Forced Practices

We are seeing an alarming trend with in-network practices for therapy services.

Maverick Manual Therapy & Performance Practices

We believe that quality of care and one-on-one time is a worthy investment in your body. Your quality of life should notbe dictated by your insurance provider, nor reliant on any specific healthcare professional. By being out-of-network,Dr. Labus can work to find the root cause of your pain, and provide proper treatment for your specific condition.

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